153 students qualified the first round “Internship” programme

Staged by National Innovation Agency Public Organisation (NIA) and startups in Thailand, the Internship programme opens for students of universities and vocational education nationwide to get job training with startup companies. This year, 153 people out of total 667 participants qualified for the Interview Day

Participants at the Internship have opportunity to learn the principle of entrepreneurship based on their skills including developer, designer or business. They have a chance to do design, programming and work the same as startup do and have mentor from leading startups as their advisor. The students have a chance to experience with team working, make new friends from different institutes, and able to create their works.

Internship is the programme that NIA and startups in Thailand working together with universities nationwide to creating the startup ecosystem get ready for entrepreneurial university.

The students and junior startups can also enhance their working skills, problem-solving skill, and team working through this collaborative programme.

The Internship is joined by 21 leading startups of Thailand such as Code App , QueQ , Fiveloop , iTAX , Krungsri Finnovate, Billme, King Power Click and more.

This year, there are 667 students from three special fields joining the programme. The first round “Interview Day” which was held on February 16, 2019 at the office of National Innovation Agency (Public Organisation) has 153 contestants, comprising 65 in Developers, 26 in Designers and 26 people in Business.