AI – VR – Blockchain technology changes the innovation in art, music and recreation, opening up a new digital entertainment experience.

At the recent Creative Talk Conference 2019 held by the National Innovation Agency (NIA), Mr. Trin Thawitaranon, Senior Manager of MICE Intelligent and Innovation, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), shared his views that today technologies have been integrated into music, art and recreation to become Mar Tech.  He said technologies will help create new experiences, make the event content much more interesting, thus better meet the needs of today people’s lifestyle. It will also strengthen the reputation and enhance attractiveness of Thailand to draw more international events.

However, the capability to integrate art, music and games into one would depend on the creativity of the event organizers. In any way, TCEB, as a government agency, is willing to support the budget in organizing meetings and exhibitions

In addition, TCEB will also be an intermediary which can help link with other relevant agencies as well such as the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) for research and development for access technology; and the NIA that enables easier access to innovation.

In foreign countries, the use of face and motion detection technology will enhance security and safety for fair goers. For example, during the long-distance bicycle race ‘Tour de France’, motion detection technology was used to monitor the racers’ movement while they were falling.

In concert, there is also the use of machine learning to observe the audiences’ behaviors so that the stage could respond to their needs. For example, the machine may capture that the audiences get tired after many dance songs, they may switch to slower music. Also, the concert may feature the mixed combination of artists in the real world and the virtual world using Augmented Reality (AR). With AR technology, the famous artist from the past would bring back to do live performance with real-life artists on the stage.

Sarut Wanichphan, Director of Sea (Thailand ), a Singapore-based unicorn and major online game provider, added that the E-sports event is a popular recreational activity that has the international competition. In the United States, AR has been applied to increase the enjoyment of spectators during competition, bringing audiences in the real world closer to competition in the digital world.

Recreational activities can also be complemented with each other like music and games. We can see that concerts are staged during the E-Sport competition. For example, the Imagine Dragons band play the concert during the League of Legends E-Sports competition.

Mr Piyapong  Muenprasertdee, one of the founders of ‘Fungjai’ alternative music, considered that the concert can support the tourism of the country as well as local community. Bangkok or other big cities can attract leading artists to perform in Thailand and organizers can promote music tourism in the surrounding areas where concerts take place and make it a music city to generate income to the country.

Organizing cross-industry events or creating innovative events can expand the benefits for the country.   In the future, we will also see the coming of blockchain technology to do ‘Smart Contract’ which make collecting copyright fee clear, transparent and cannot be changed. Also, using the application to search for live performance of artists will be a marketing tool to reach the target audiences.

Kiattiyot Panichpreecha, an interactive technology developer of Bit Studio, viewed that the in the art circle, the exhibition will not be limited to galleries anymore but will harmonize with the environment, society and culture, such as the ‘Thailand Biennale, Krabi’ an international contemporary art exhibition staged since the end of last year.

The advancement of technology will pave the way for “new media” that enable art work to reach a wider group of people. And, in the next 3-5 years, we will see more and more use of technology as a tool to create art work.