Berlin : Capital Of Startup Ecosystem

Not only being the capital of Germany, but Berlin is also the centre of startup ecosystem of Germany and Europe as the ecosystem in Berlin is perfect opening for startup founders and entrepreneurs globally.

Comparing to other cities, office rental cost in Berlin is relatively cheaper with numbers of talents. Most importantly, the support by the government and universities.

“Talking about Germany, most people think about automobile because several giant auto makers were originated from this country. The startup who applies this strength is German Autolabs,” said Pahrada Sapprasert, Director, 500 Startups.

German Autolabs has developed digital assistant by applying such technologies as artificial intelligence or AI, voice recognition, sensors to monitor physical movement for car safety.

Germany and Berlin are also eager to learn from Asian countries, especially China and India as they have advanced technology of big data, face recognition and AI, while Southeast Asia is the secondary region that Germany has been now learning and looking for business opportunities.

“To German people, Thailand is known as our creativity, digital media and production as Thais have produced striking advertising content that impress audiences around the world,” said Pahrada.

As a Thai investor who joined Asia Pacific Week Berlin 2019, Pahrada has learned that a complete ecosystem can grow good and quality startups that worthful for venture capital firms to invest.

“Our job is to create a complete ecosystem so  that one day we can invest in a startup who can grow becoming unicorn in the future,” said Pahrada.