Lifestyle | Startup Thailand - Part 7


  • YouTube Creators for Change Project

    YouTube has partnered with the United Nations Development Programme and Love Frankie, a creative agency specializing in social changes to organize “YouTube Creators for Change” project, with the aim to encourage YouTube content creators in Asia Pacific to create inspirational content paving the way for positive changes for global YouTube audiences.

  • Facebook will broadcast live Premier League games in Asia

    Facebook made clear its intentions to move into sport earlier this year, when it hired Eurosport CEO Peter Hutton to lead negotiations for worldwide live sports streams. Hutton's been earning his keep, because the company has just agreed a £200 million broadcast deal with the Premier League.

  • Digital Butler ready to serve you anything

    Nowadays, we have applications that facilitate our work on many things. But having too many applications in our smart phone is somewhat complicated as well.

  • Diamate: Startup that change the habit for sweet lovers

    Patients with diabetes is currently a major health problem that most worries medical and nutritionists. In Thailand, there are now more than 5 million diabetes patients, with the growth of 8% per year. The global level is more serious with more than 400 million patients around the world.

  • Making extra money from your home kitchen

    This day food-delivery business becomes such a cut-throat competition with the emerging of Grab Food and Line Man. These companies are on the same mission: To find and provide curated lists of well-known eateries on their platforms, keeping their brand top-of-mind.

  • Five Applications for the Next Trip to Japan

    As we know Thais love Japan, Japan is the most popular destination for Thai people of all time. There are more and more Thais choosing Japan as their dream country for vacation. It is unsurprisingly Japan offers various types of vibes from their modern landscape, fashion to the cultural sites, shopping spots where you can find the rare and unique items. Most of all, it is a paradise of the food lovers.

  • Do Not Allow Them Misusing Your Personal Data

    Before the world wide web was born on earth, we knew how to record all numbers identify yourself on a little notebook either your ID, passport number, the information you searched from the library, everyone you contacted with. They were all your little secret.

  • Flexible Workspace – new trend of workspace catering to startup businesses

    A square, blocky cubicle containing a desk, a computer and a chair is a traditional office environment that might look tired, and sometimes uninspiring for workers. Flexible Workspace is a new alternative for companies, organizations or young working people with funky design, airiness and comfort to create a good working environment. It can be changed […]