Technology | Startup Thailand - Part 3


  • SpaceX Launches the First Private Moon Lander on Israel’s Behalf

    A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket has ferried Israel's first lunar lander outside our atmosphere, setting it free to make its way to its ultimate destination: the moon. If it reaches its target successfully, Israel would be joining the U.S., China and the former Soviet Union in the list of nations to have sent a lander to our planet's trusty companion. Unlike the three other countries in that list, Israel's robotic spacecraft named "Beresheet" was created by a non-profit group called SpaceIL. It's the first private moon lander and was previously a finalist for Google's Lunar XPrize.

  • AirCare Pollution App Now Available

    Serbia holds an average air pollution index of 58.86 and the southern town of Nis is the country’s most polluted city. Public health institutions in Serbia have issued warnings and a conservative estimate suggests, that because of air pollution, more than 1,000 Serbians suffer from chronic bronchitis, 600 are hospitalised due to respiratory or cardiovascular problems, and more than 5,000 die yearly. In 2014 […]

  • A new chapter of the industry

    The world is shifting toward a truly digital economy by which telecoms industry is right at tis epicenter. Digiitisation in telecommunications represents at US$2 trillion opportunity. The rise of smart cities and continued urbanisation will create more need than ever before for telecoms infrastructure and operators.

  • How Innovations Will Transform Food Supply Chain Within Next Five Years

    Within the next five years, the Earth’s population will cross the eightbillion mark for the first time. Our complex food chain—already stressed by climate change and a finite water supply—will only be tested further. To meet the demands of this crowded future, we will need new technologies and devices, scientific breakthroughs, and entirely new ways of thinking about food safety and security.

  • C-V2X Technology Delivers Safety, Convenience

    The acronym V2X (vehicle-to-everything) was a big part of the buzz at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2019) in Las Vegas earlier this month, with a handful of automakers committing to deploy technologies that will enable their cars to communicate with other vehicles, roadway infrastructure, and pedestrians’ smart phones. The underlying technology from Qualcomm’s […]

  • Microsoft acquires DataSense management from BrightBytes to step up its education play in Azure

    One of Microsoft’s oldest and biggest verticals for its Azure cloud business has been education, and today it announced an acquisition that it hopes will help it deepen its reach: it has acquired DataSense — a data management platform that can be used to collect, integrate and report information from across a range of online education applications and services — from an educational technology company called BrightBytes, to integrate the functionality into Azure.

  • Bill Gates Made These 15 Predictions Back in 1999 – and It’s Scary How Accurate He Was

    In 1999, Bill Gates wrote a book titled Business @ the Speed of Thought. In the book, Gates made 15 bold predictions that at the time might have sounded outrageous. But as Markus Kirjonen, a business student, once noted on his blog, Gates' forecasts turned out to be eerily prescient. Here are the 15 predictions Gates made just about 20 years ago - and how close they've come to being true.

  • Facebook and Microsoft patent filings offer dueling visions of small AR headsets

    Augmented reality headsets are too large for mainstream users, commonly sporting design elements that look inspired by Star Trek and Star Wars props. That’s about to change: After more natural-looking AR headsets were shown at the 2019 CES, patent documents submitted by Facebook and Microsoft show that both companies are trying to make AR glasses smaller and better.