Chiang Mai voted as top destination for startups by Stanford students

Chiang Mai is the global top destination where 32 students of Stanford Graduate School of Business (Stanford GSB) vote for the education trip.

All the Stanford GSB candidates recently had a chance to meet with variety of people groups including foreign students in Chiang Mai makers and customers of Punspace, a co-working space, digital nomad as well as those remote workers.

Chiang Mai is a city where co-working spaces become one of the world’s top destinations for local and foreign startups.

Founder’s Mixer, which is part of the education trip, hosted by Chiangmai&Co and Punspace Wiang Kaew, with a support by Startup Thailand, is an important session that the students have opportunity to exchange with digital nomads, founder of makerspace Thailand, and co-working space founders. Punspace is considered the landmark for digital nomads.

Chiangmai&Co is also the centre planning to uplift tech and startup ecosystem of Chiang Mai.

The event was welcomed by U.S. Consulate General Chiang Mai and Thai and foreign startups, key persons who are remote workers such as Neil Ransom (founder of Simaya), a chocolate company that uses local organic cocao beans from Chiang Mai and turns them into high quality chocolate bars.  Recently opened a new factory with FDA approval and Siamaya will be sold in supermarkets around Thailand. Jonathan Ho (social media entrepreneur), social media platform specializing in live streaming content with an audience of 3 million followers and manages another platform that promotes long term stays in Chiang Mai to the Hong Kong audience. Matthias Schenk (founder of CLBS), an outsourcing company based in Chiang Mai that performs a myriad of customer service tasks, such as virtual assistants and help desk. Kittichai Phiphatbunyarat (founder of Chiangmai&Co) an organisation that focuses on providing a helping hand to tech entrepreneurs and nomads coming to Chiang Mai, also co-founder of APITEL.Co., a Telco API startup.

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