“CovidTracker: Enterprise” Web App To Limit The Spread Of Covid-19

Thai startup successfully developed “CovidTracker: Enterprise” web application platform implemented at state quarantines, hospitals and business offices in an attempt to limit the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.

Pongchai Petchsungharn, Executive Managing Director of Trecon (Website) Co., Ltd., as member of Thai Health Tech Trade Association, said with a support of National Innovation Agency (Public Organization), the association had developed a Covid-19 telehealth web application system for organizations called “CovidTracker: Enterprise” platform to monitoring and screening people suspected of having the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and TeleHealth technology, the platform enables healthcare workers, hospitals and relevant facilities of the Covid-19 pandemic to monitor, screen and triage Thai people, all returning Thais from overseas and foreigners who travel to Thailand. The effort was intense in dealing with the Covid-19 crisis after the government has relaxed the restrictions in recent days.

Three major target groups of CovidTracker: Enterprise are state quarantine facilities or state-designated quarantine, hospitals and business organizations. The state quarantine facilities limit the introduction of infectious diseases into Thailand, self-quarantined people must report their health record. The application implemented at the hospitals to monitor and screen any susceptible that may affect healthcare workers. The business organizations also use the application to monitor and prevent any risk to their employees, returnees from risk countries are required to spend 14 days self-quarantined practice and tested.

The platform enables the quarantine facilities to better manage and organize data of those people, including booking, screening, daily health recording such as body temperature and symptom. People at the quarantine facilities must report to the authorities. For the state-designated quarantine such as hotels, the system allows the hotel workers to monitor and prevent any infectious disease that might be caused by cough, fever, chills, sore throat, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, loss of smell. It will alert caregivers to take action with guideline or additional testing.

Importantly, the system was designed to assist the frontline teams being a channel to report their health record. Healthcare organizations and hospitals can monitor and provide suitable guideline via a chat messaging system.  The system has been used in public and private hospitals, medical centers and community hospitals.

The business organizations implemented the platform to monitor and prevent employees from susceptible infection. The application covers working and daily traveling report system and knowledge management system for employees in taking care themselves and connect with hospitals nearby.

The application has been in a trial run at a business organization, hospital and state-designated quarantine facility supporting more than 10,000 people including self-quarantined persons, healthcare workers, work from home employees.

It is expected that the system will handle more than 300,000 counts by this year and if the Covid-19 crisis becomes eased, it will be able to applied for respiratory diseases treatment and non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, high-blood pressure. The system can function as a “employee health portal” where employees can access and monitor their own data of health record, medication use, drug allergy and follow-up procedures.

More information at www.covidtracker.asia or facebook.com/covidtracker.asia/