Department of Airports and AIS provide free WiFi in 25 airports nationwide

The Department of Airports, in collaboration with AIS developing and install high-speed Internet/communications network in 25 airports nationwide to contribute to Thailand’s tourism growth.

Department of Airports Director General Mrs. Amphawan Wannako points out that the Department has a broad range of services currently under development in 25 airports, especially safety and security, and a variety of convenient facilities for passengers.

AIS Chief Corporate Officer Mr. Weerawat Kiattipongthaworn says that in this digital era customers always need a fast, reliable online connection, especially travelers and tourists who search for information, make transactions and communicate via various applications during their travel. With airports being a key area for tourists awaiting flights, the facilities must have advanced, high-performance digital networks to perfectly serve all travelers.

The Department of Airports and Advanced Wireless Network, a subsidiary of AIS jointly develop a communications network of both WiFi (high-speed wireless Internet) and mobile phone services in 25 airports nationwide. This implementation conforms to the Department’s key goal to enhance the capability of airport services through adoption of digital technology to deliver an ideal experience for tourists and customers at all 25 airports.

Passengers and visitors can use a free WiFi service via the DOA Free WiFi AIS network for up to 3 hours a day. AIS customers can access WiFi via the AIS Super WiFi network according to their packages.

The development of a free WiFi service is expected to be completed by March 2019.