Eco Products Poised For Strong Growth

Healthy food and green products are on a rise as people are more aware of health and environment. Restaurants said to do total services through their own channels and be independent from big apps.

Darin Suthipong, President of Indy Dish, a healthy and sustainable food delivery platform said Thailand is moving toward a cashless society where variety of payment services are offered and it’s helpful for startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), especially restaurants and online ready-to-eat meals. Thai consumers prefer to dining in a restaurant rather than buying ready-to-cook meals which cost them higher and inconvenient. Dining in a department store or online ordering food become a favorable choice.

She pointed out that at the post Covid-19 crisis, startups and SMEs must revamp their marketing strategies by focusing more on total services, creating online customer base or running a range of communication channels so that they can deliver products and services right to customers including drive through or curb-side pickup. Startups and SMEs can also use social media which is an effective communication channel as they should lessen a dependence on big mobile applications.

Food delivery app today has been limited to a few players which a commission service fee is as high as 30-40% of the purchasing orders, while restaurant owners cannot make a high profit. Some food delivery applications are unable to satisfy customers causing problems of after sales service which is unpromising for the restaurants in a long term.

According to Pannaphat Phapaphongphasut, chairman of Biobright (Thailand), natural and eco-friendly products are poised to grow because of trend of the green. The company has promoted the organic products, helping organic farmers through a purchase of such natural material products as lime, kaffir lime, pineapple, tomato, sugarcane, corn and transforming them into efficiency compounds in order to replace the chemical agent used for the cleansing products such as detergent, dish washer, soap and shampoo. The non-chemical agents will neither cause the polluted water nor destroy the balance of nature.