Facebook expands Gaming Creator Program to Thailand

Globally, Facebook is focused on helping creators build thriving communities around their content.

Facebook announces the expansion of the Facebook Gaming Creator program, previously only available in the US and Brazil, to Thailand. It is kicking off the program with an initial group of Thai creators including PJY Gamer, Xcrosz, Roger Films Studio, Art AirsoftGun, and Attempt Z, who will livestream a variety of games on FacebookLive, such as Garena RoV, PUBG, GTA V and Minecraft.

The program for Thailand gaming creators is focused on building communities for creators by helping creators build meaningful and engaged communities on Facebook; growing audiences and increasing discovery by helping creators grow their audience of fans and increase discovery and distribution across multiple platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook is introducing new tools based on creators’ feedback by working with gaming creators to test and roll out new features, whether it’s for monetization or livestreaming.

Creators in Thailand will have a hand in helping shape the experience for streaming and watching gaming video on Facebook.

According to Michael Rose, head of Southeast Asia, Facebook Games Partnerships, Thailand has an amazing gaming community, and with the Facebook Gaming Creator Program, Facebook aim to make it easier for gaming creators to go live and grow their community by providing the information and support so they can focus on making great content.

“We also want to build a creator-first program in Thailand, where talented live streamers can provide feedback and help us build the features they want to see in a game streaming platform. We’ve already had some great success from creators in the region, and we look forward to welcoming more creators in Thailand in the coming weeks.”

Nearly everyone on Facebook, that is 2 billion people, have watched a video through Live, and we see six times more interactions on live broadcasts than on traditional videos, reinforcing the importance for this community to live-stream and engage with their fans.