Facebook will launch interactive gameshow format,‘Confetti’ in Thailand

Facebook has partnered with Fremantle, the world’s most prolific entertainment producer, to launch new international versions of its first interactive game-show, ‘Confetti’, in Thailand, the UK, India, Vietnam and the Philippines, on Facebook Watch.

Confetti – an interactive gameshow which challenges viewers to answer pop culture trivia questions for a chance to win a cash prize – was first introduced this July in the US and recently expanded into Canada and Mexico, with shows produced by B17 Entertainment. The rollout in the new markets will begin in the UK(produced by Fremantle), with additional markets including Thailand scheduled to premiere before the end of the year.

“Confetti has shown us the power of combining traditional entertainment formats with the social, people-centric advantages of video on Facebook. People who played with their friends were significantly more likely to tune in to the next episode and play again versus people who played alone. It made perfect sense to partner with Fremantle, a leader in the gameshow space, to bring Confetti to audiences around the world. We are also incredibly excited to take all of the tools that we developed for Confetti and give them to our global partners to create their own community-driven reinventions of the game show,” said Matthew Henick, Head of Content Strategy & Planning, Facebook.

Given Facebook’s social nature, participants can play on their own, but can also bring friends and family along on the fun by engaging in gameplay together throughout the show.  Confetti airs every weeknight across the new territories.

In Asia Pacific, consumption of mobile video streaming has surged by 300% between 2015 and 2017. With a total of 40 billion hours of video streaming watch time on Android, the region now accounts for almost half of all worldwide video consumption on mobile.

From watching TV with your family to following creators on social media, video has always been a social experience. In addition, video is a powerful medium to bring people together, and the last ten years has brought an explosion of short-form, mobile-first content produced by a range of creators, and consumed on a wide array of personal screens.

The partnership marks the latest international deal following the launch of Facebook Watch globally in August 2018. People in Thailand and the rest of the new markets will be able to have an authentic Confetti game experience, with each local version tailored to provide unique local experience, including  production elements and hosts.