Feedback 180: innovation in Gov Tech

Artificial Intelligence or AI is now playing more roles in solving problems for every sector at every level, from private sector, to urban living and country level. It is considered a jigsaw that will entirely overhaul the services of government sectors.

One of which is ‘Feedback 180” – a deep tech startup under the supervision of Yongyuth Songsiridej, the ex-specialist of Microsoft who turned into startup. He uses researches to differentiate the services from others by building lab room and research teams to develop AI that can analyze and assess text, messages, video, images and voices for government agencies or business owners so they can use businesses to enhance efficiency of their services.

In addition, it can also analsze feedback from social media to find out rising trends of preventing problems that are occurring or analyse if the feedback  will make any impact on the businesses or brands, how it is relevant with competitors. It is an in-depth research and deep tech that has applied AI to analyze data accurately and rapidly. So far, Feedback180 has served several government agencies such as National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), Education Ministry, Transport Ministry, Commerce Ministry and etc.

This is because government agencies, state enterprises and private organization needs to follow up and make assessment  but it is normally a time-consuming processes. With AI technology, it can help assess data and summarize it at fast speed, thus enhance working efficiency completely.

Over the past two years, the government has tried to support startups as well as provide them market opportunities to work with government agencies so that it becomes a mechanism to speed up growth of startups. Meanwhile, innovations from startups are also applied to serve the needs of government in overhauling and unlocking restrictions of the government sectors. Feedback180 is one of the startups which received the good opportunity from such policy.

“Startups need to understand and know how to make use of the government’s policies to benefit their businesses. It starts from asking for support fund from National Innovation Agency (NIA) from innovation coupon project by writing project proposal and work towards the desired goal to get financial support. The reward is not just investment capital but portfolio that can enhance the company’s credit and stories that they can tell to others. It can be used to attract people to work with them including working team, research partners, and customers as they would know how the things they do would benefit themselves.

The success secrets of deep tech startups comprise of three things which are 1) having technology as the main businesses which they can create products or services like Google and Facebook; 2) the creation can be applied for  widely use to speed up growth; 3) having a disruptive business model. These are important as it can make the businesses to grow sustainably.

The goal of Feedback180 is not just domestic market but it looks to expand overseas as well. It plans to provide technology to help clients make service strategies or marketing plans. It is a platform for customer services that fit with services of the present era.

The business model is like Microsoft, IBM and Google that use partners and researches to the pioneer.