“Gaorai” For Precision Farming

NIA-supported agri-tech startup Gaorai, a platform connected farmers to drone pilots with data analytics for precision agriculture in the battle against Covid-19 crisis.

Gaorai an AgTech platform, supported by National Innovation Agency (Public Organization), connecting farmers to freelance agri-drone pilots, working on data analytics improving precision application and sustainability of crop protection products in Thailand.

Matas Danielevicius, CEO and Co-Founder at Gaorai Business Solution said the AgTech startups in Thailand is on a rise due to a high geographically potential for variety crop growing and a strong collaborative group of Thai farmers. Technology and innovation support by the government for precision agriculture is also very important because farming is highly land and labor-intensive. Farmers are driven to use technology to increase efficiency and manage costs. The fundraising for AgTech therefore has been promising, but it was slowing down due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

“Gaorai” creates farmer and pilot profiles which help to track progress and increase productivity and overall quality of soil and crops which include rice, cassava, corn, sugarcane. All the drones are standard and certified by the government.

Matas added that Gaorai is a platform connecting farmers to freelance agri-drone pilots by which farmers register on the mobile application and Gaorai will find the pilot to execute the spraying which have more than 30 drones in the network. Farmers and drone pilots deal directly themselves for the project price, while Gaorai charges for the operating system fee from the pilots. The company has farmer database which can be applied for many other services and now it is working with partners such as Bangchak Corporation Public Co.,Ltd and Siam Kubota Corporation and Crop Insurances.

The company applied data analytics for farmland database development running on Gaorai platform enabling farmers to analyze the future crop products market in terms of quantities and quality, pricing, weather forecasting, and also offered e-commerce and online micro-finance for the grassroot groups.