Google launches job search feature

Google enhances user experience through its search engine with a new feature “job search” aiming to capitalise on growing job advertising opportunities, while LINE discloses its success of LINE Jobs that help graduates to 24,000 positions, accounting for income of over 370 million baht within five months.

According to Saranee Boonritthongchai, head of consumer marketing for Google Thailand, Google users can simply search for job since November 27.

“Thailand is the fourth market in Asia after India, Singapore and Hong Kong, which launched after the US,” she said, adding that the job search feature is now available in more than 15 countries or economies.

When users search for “jobs” or similar job-seeking queries, they will see a special module that can be expanded to a more immersive experience.

Google has worked with a number of organisations to aggregate job position data from seven jobs provider partners to bring users over 100,000 jobs positions — including, JobTopGun,, LinkedIn,,, and Blognone.

Google also opens for any website or SMEs who seek for job applicants to connect with Google at to have Google algorithm display the search result.

With the ability to narrow down results using smart filters, save listings, share them, and sign up for alerts, users can access the feature.

Google Thailand has seen 17% growth in the past 12 months in mobile searches for job and career queries.