Huge Potential Of Live Streaming For Condominium Sales

Live streaming is taking off as an effective marketing tool for Condothai, a platform of leasing and buying property, amidst the Covid-19 crisis.

Saksit Lesfikunthum, CEO of Condothai Co., Ltd, a condominium platform startup said the leasing condominium market is very much slow down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more than 60% of major customers who are foreign tourists and businessmen have decreased due to the close of international travel.  The company thus has stimulated the market growth via social media live streaming such as Facebook, YouTube and Zoom by creating additional residence experience where people can visit online, tenants and buyers can view every single room and make decision until sealing the deal. The live online presentation has boosted the sales during the period that schools to be opened soon in July while parents and university students who are looking for residence for their children.

There is opportunity in the crisis where investors who are the owners of condominium facing problem of absence of tenants and buyers, they thus decrease the price at 10-20%, or average 12,000-15,000 baht per month, resulting to the growth at 150% of Condothai platform as a channel to access to customers.

Investors who own condominium also reluctant to deal with tenants, whom they don’t know, owing to the Covid-19, the online live presentation has thus boosted the sales of condominium rooms and now the company accommodates higher numbers of condominium owners.

The Covid-19 crisis caused a problem of decreasing income to investors so we adjusted the database strategy making the leasing-buying condominium by offering a variety of prices, locations, complete data of both demand and supply such as 1-3 months short term leasing condominium, nearby BTS condominium, nearby MRT condominium, special price condominium.

Saksit added that the company did not lay off employees due to the Covid-19, but would like the government to support through a low interest rate financial loan of 3% for 1-2 years so that the property startup tech companies can survive during the crisis.