InsKru opens a sharing space of teaching techniques for teachers

InsKru inspires teachers with a space of idea sharing, encouraging students to learn with fun.

No matter fields the startups are, FinTech, PropTech, TravelTech, MarTech or InsureTech all aim to solve pain point that could not be done by traditional business. They also aim to grow their businesses.

Education Tech startups (EdTech), however, was born to tackle with pain point that could not be done by conventional education. Making money or business return is still a light at the end of the tunnel.

Most of EdTech startups were totally originated by an intention to have the change and development of education no matter how they are.

InsKru, a local EdTech was founded to inspire the teachers. (Ins is from inspire, and Kru is teachers)

The website opens a space for teachers to share their ideas and interesting teaching methods, techniques of engagement with students, basically from primary to high-school students without being based on subject courses.


Siwakorn Thitisaksakul, co-founder of InsKru said “Teachers today take time for preparing the instruction plan, if we offer them a simple interesting page which they can share with others, their jobs will become funnier and easier.”

Teachers can choose the topic they are interested from the list, each contain short detail that teacher can read with fun, or they can send feedback about the topic that they read.

“There is a big gap in the Thai education system,” he said, adding that InsKru targets the group of teachers because teacher is a crucial component of the education development. “To be accessible to teacher is easier than to deal with students because a teacher teaches many students, so it’s easier to scale up.”

One of InsKru’s co-founders is a teacher who has experience in teaching career and perceiving problems and barriers of the education system of Thailand, so he has an idea to tackle the constraints of Thai education system through the startup mechanism.

Having been opened for five months, more than 500 teachers registered with InsKru website and 50 of them regularly share their ideas. InsKru Facebook page attracts more than 20,000 followers at present.

InsKru received funding from StromBreaker Venture, the accelerator for EdTech who recognizes the contribution of InsKru to the Thai society. However, the web is still working on the business model that it can be by itself in a long run.

“We start to try with homeschool group by offering them the premium content as this target group has a buying power and they search for alternative education,” said Siwakorn.