LINE TV partners with Cartoon Club to create a licensed online cartoon hub

LINE TV is partnering with Cartoon Club, a pioneer of Japanese anime in Thailand, to increase content and establish a legal, licensed online viewership.

Pallapa Manoch, Head of LINE TV, LINE Thailand, said stated that cartoon is a content with one of the top average watch times on LINE TV service. On average throughout 2018, with every view an audience would spend 9.4 minutes with a content. This year, we’re aiming to build up our cartoon content more seriously by working with our business partner who’s an expert in this field. Cartoon Club is a pioneer of Japanese cartoon in Thailand. Together, we aim to bring popular cartoon content to LINE TV so fans of Japanese cartoon in Thailand can watch them non-stop.

This partnership between LINE TV and Cartoon Club will increase an opportunity in bringing in leading Japanese cartoon as Cartoon Club already has a good relationship with Japanese licensers. The company previously brought in contents from TOEI Animation such as One Piece, Ikkyu-san, Dr. Slump & Arale, as well as those from other production companies like Naruto and Reborn, for examples. Commercially, this is also a good chance to expand the sales opportunity for advertisement in children products and snacks under the name of Cartoon Club and LINE TV. The target group that LINE TV hopes to reach are male aged 10-20 years old.”

Tanat Tananuchittikul CEO Cartoon Club Media Co. Ltd, said that the cooperation helps to combine the strength of online platform to Cartoon Club’s existing offline TV viewers. It was also the first to bring in Japanese cartoon to Thailand since the time of Channel 9 cartoon, and conducting school tour regularly for a long period of time.

Currently, there are 73 cartoon contents on LINE TV, making up of cartoons from Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and the West. Ten of them are from Cartoon Club: One Piece, Naruto, Reborn, Gon, Pretty Cure, Dr. Slump & Arale, Ikkyu-san, Toriko, Power Battle Watch Car, and G Fighters. The ones with the most views are Naruto, followed by Reborn and One Piece.

In 2018, the total viewership of cartoon category on LINE TV has reached 114 million views, which was a double from 2017 when it was at 53 million views. In 2019, the views are expected to double as well. Most of our audiences are women, making up 68%, while men are at 32%. Hence, we hope to grow our male audience base. As for their age, most of our viewers are 20-30 years old, making up 54%, followed by those who are 10-20 years old (24%), and those aged 30-14 (16%).