LINE unveils “LINE Square” real-time community on LINE

Following to lately launch of its “Wallet” service, LINE Thailand keeps on making its chat app platform dominate social media through a launch of “LINE Square”.

By integrating into LINE’s chat app, the real-time community LINE Square allows users to meet new people and share ideas on their common interest.

According to the company, the access to most of the communities in Thailand are still disunited and scattered. Users need to look for their preferred communities by themselves and go through various platforms. There is no main hub of various communities combined together in one place for them to choose the community by their interests. While the interaction within most communities in Thailand is still based on one-way-communication by posts and comments only, lacking of real time engagement for users.

Ariya Banomyong, Managing Director of LINE Thailand said LINE sees an opportunity to bring people who have the same interest and build up the communities by leveraging its platform to be a place where people get together, share ideas and update trends on their favorite topics.

“LINE Square will be the largest real-time community in Thailand where users can access to various communities, share ideas and engage with topics. And it will be the all-in-one community platform that we integrate in LINE’s chat application so users don’t have to log in to another website to connect with communities,” he said.

Once LINE users in Thailand update the LINE app to the latest version, the LINE Square logo will appear in their friend list or timeline. Using LINE Square, they are able to create and join communities, called “Squares,” consisting of diverse topics where they do not need to reveal their private information or their actual LINE ID when selecting their profile photo and nickname in each square. They can invite people to enter a Square by using a URL or QR code. In addition, users can join any existing chat room they would like.

To ensure LINE Square is safe for users, LINE has implemented a variety of security measures. For example, users can report any inappropriate content, including text, images and videos. In addition, LINE Square has an internal monitoring system, automatically filtering banned words and reporting people who post inappropriate content.