NIA strengthens MAR Tech Thailand, inviting startups to join SXSW Event

If we talk about MAR Tech Startup, many people may think of startups who do digital marketing before anything else. In fact, Mar Tech startups stands for Music, Art and Recreation. It is considered a kind of startup that is waiting for serious support. In foreign countries like United States, Japan or South Korea, Mar Tech is considered the group of startup that can spur economic growth for the country as they can integrate art, culture and music into technology and that help them achieve GDP growth successfully.

In Thailand, the National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) or NIA has found out that out of 2,000 of the start-ups currently exist, less than 20 of them are MAR Tech startups. This is considered very small if we need them to help enhance the country’s GDP growth like South Korea or Japan. Therefore, the NIA has plans to help startups in this segment to grow by joining hands with the two major partners including Fungjai Co Ltd and NYLON Thailand Co Ltd to select three music bands and 4 Thai startups to show their the work at “South by South West” ( SXSW) in the United States during the month of March 2019. The event will provide the opportunities for Thai bands and start-ups to show their potential and establish connections with those startups.

“The SXSW event has been created by Texas state in the US as they want to make the city to show its music potential and attract people to join the event. Originally, it was just a community-level event but it has recently been upgraded to be an event that brings together the industry leaders to join in one place. This has become the opportunity for the music bands and the technology companies who join this event to have higher growth potential in the international market. As we can see that Twitter application has also come to join at this event as well, “said Mr. Pongsiri Hetrakul, the Director of NYLON Thailand Co Ltd.

Dr. Krithpaka Boonfueng, Deputy Executive Director (Innovation Systems) of the National Innovation Agency (Public Organization, said that “The Thai startup industry is likely to continue growing be they the FinTech, TravelTech rr AgTech startup groups that are being closely watched nowadays. This year, one of the business groups that NIA has been interested in its innovation are the business, music, art and recreation which is known as MAR Tech. The goal of NIA is to bridge between Tech Startup and those in the circle of art, music and recreation. We plan to bring in the startup groups in the ecosystem to help develop and problem-solving plans and help increase the capacity of entrepreneurs in the development of technology in the music, arts and recreation industries.”

The NIA aims to make MAR Tech one of the major topics at the Startup Thailand 2019 which will be held during May-June this year. It will also join in the Bangkok Music City, the first-ever international music festival and entertainment business conference in Thailand. Set to take place during 2-3 November 2019, the event will help promote art and music tourism of Bangkok.

” Thailand is a country that has a lot of skilled artists, musicians and creators. We have also been recognized internationally as guaranteed by awards from various international stages. That makes Thai arts, music and entertainment industries become very prominent. Furthermore, the growth of the digital world which allow people to get access to entertainment content such as music streaming, video content, and advertising on social media, or even online gaming have also contributed to the continuous growth of the industry. At present, the industry is valued at 478 trillion baht and is expected to grow by 6.5% over the next five years if receiving support from relevant agencies in both the public and private sectors as well as from the local audiences. This will help Thai artists to create work and stay in this career sustainably,” added Mr. Pongsiri.

The organizer expects that Bangkok Music City will help increase the potential of MAR Tech in Thailand and will also help promote music, tourism and creative travel as well as exporting creative products that can generate more revenue for the country both directly and indirectly The area for organizing this event is likely to be around Charoenkrung area and it is expected to draw more than 10,000 participants from both Thailand and abroad,” Mr. Piyapong Muenprasertdee, the Co-Founder and Community Director of Fungjai Co Ltd concluded.