Priceza forecasts 4 e-commerce trends in 2019

Priceza predicts the trends that all road will head to e-commerce business in 2019 where e-marketplace will face more opportunies and challenges, e-payment will achieve a leap growth and omnichannel will pay more important role.

Mr. Thanawat Malabuppha, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Priceza Company Limited, an operator of the country’s leading shopping search engine platform “Priceza”, said there are four important trends of e-commerce business in 2019 that should put an eye on. 1.All roads will head to e-commerce 2.E-Marketplace will face more opportunities and challenges 3.E-payment will achieve a leap growth and 4.Omnichannel will play more important role.

Mr.Thanawat cited that the overall picture of e-commerce business in 2018 showed an interesting growth because some new marketplace players from overseas have launch their operation officially as well as more cross-border products have flown into Thailand. At the same time, those situations have caused a fiercer competition in e-commerce business this year.

In 2019, there will be various positive factors such as the growth of FinTech and e-payment channels, promotion of players in the market, and consumers’ behaviour that shifts to do more online shopping.

In 2019, Priceza business unit will be expand into 3 groups including 1.Shopping Search Engine priceza’s main business from the very start. 2.Priceza money financial product comparison platform such as car insurance, personal loan, credit card, and 3.PSPN new business with partner that will be launched in the first quarter of next year.

“Revenue from priceza money has significantly increased around 3 times from last year. In 2019, the business unit will cover more financial institutes and financial products such as travel insurance. We expect that the revenue from this business will grow twice next year,” said Mr.Thanawat.

Mr.Thanawat added Priceza’s insights during Jan 1-Nov 12 this year found the average basket size on e-commerce is around 1,469 baht per basket. The most popular product categories are clothes and fashion, mobilephones, electric appliances, and cars and vehicles, respectively.