Rabbit LINE Pay and Rabbit Card offer greater convenience to BTS passengers

Mr. Jin-Woo Lee, chief executive officer of Rabbit LINE Pay Co., Ltd., marked the launch of the innovative payment service today, the soft launch is aimed at facilitating BTS passengers’ fare payments through Rabbit LINE Pay.

The service is a result of collaboration between Rabbit LINE Pay, a leading mobile payment operator, and Rabbit Card and BTS. Through their smartphones, passengers can register for the service, add the stored value, buy trips, check the outstanding stored value and review their trip history. Passengers can deduct fares from Rabbit LINE Pay’s e-wallet or from their credit and debit cards bind with Rabbit LINE Pay. The service includes notifications prior to fare deduction and notifications when trips are bought via LINE or when the outstanding stored value is below the fare, to assure transparency and enhance convenience.

As of October 2018, Rabbit LINE Pay serves 5 million users and the numbers jumped 50% in less than 6 months. Amid the rapid growth of users, the number of participating merchants nationwide has grown to more than 50,000. By the end of 2018, the number of merchants is expected to reach 60,000.

“Rabbit LINE Pay has offered the service to tie Rabbit Card with Rabbit LINE Pay through 20 booths at 15 BTS stations (until 30 November 2018) and it has attracted a large number of users. To satisfy the huge demand, the service is now available at the ticketing offices at all BTS stations. We aim to grow the number of tied cards to 500,000 by the end of 2018.” Mr. Lee added.

The cooperation not only offers BTS passengers’ greater convenience but also acts as a catalyst in turning Thailand to a cashless society and driving Thais towards the Thailand 4.0 era.

The service also serves a goal to make Rabbit LINE Pay the No.1 mobile payment platform in Thailand. Looking forward, the service will be expanded to cover Bangkok Bank’s co-branded card next year (1st quarter of 2019).

Meanwhile, more than one Rabbit Card can be bound with Rabbit LINE Pay, to satisfy family users. Being planned is the installation of a system that allows Rabbit Card's merchants to be paid by Rabbit LINE Pay, through a swipe of tied Rabbit Cards. The stored value top-up service for Rabbit LINE Pay's e-wallet will also be expanded through a swipe of tied Rabbit Cards at top-up points like BTS ticketing offices, McDonald's and Kerry Express, being a choice for users who prefer card swiping than using Rabbit LINE Pay’s MyCode.

Ms. Ratchnee Saensinchai, managing director of Bangkok Smartcard System Co., Ltd., added “Rabbit Card was launched in 2012 as a BTS ticket. Today, over 10 million Rabbit Cards have been in use and the card is also accepted as a payment choice at shops. Rabbit is striving to further improve the system and introduce innovations to cope with the increasing number of cardholders. Cooperation with Rabbit LINE Pay marks the latest effort. Together, we introduce a more convenient BTS fare payment service to Rabbit cardholders and help materialize a cashless society.”