Silicon Craft Technology shakes up Deep Tech startup

Silicon Craft Technology, the solely Thai-owned microelectronics chip design and delivery business, can grow to become the world third largest in animal ID microchip designer. It sets to go further step to raise fund on the Market for Alternative (MAI) to finance its expansion to serve automobile and microchip NFC market.

The company founded in 2002 by a Thai engineer who had experiences in microchips design in overseas, partnering with a group of researchers and academics from Thailand’s leading universities to chase a dream of founding a Thai technology design firm operated by Thais to compete with rivals in the global market.

Prong Kongsupto, Chief Executive Officer of Silicon Craft Technology Co Ltd, said the company is like a designer who builds up their own brand ‘Silicon Craft’, having their style and technology developed by its own research and development unit. For the production front, they operate without their manufacturing by partnering with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to make products under Silicon Craft brand.

The company operates three core business lines including the animal ID or microchips that use radio frequency identification or RFID in identifying a person. RFID microchips can work without using a battery as a source of energy. It also consumes low energy.

At present, total products ship to overseas with being used as the animal ear tag. It is the world top three among five in this market, with having 20% market share in Australia.

“Animal farms in overseas were our first customer a decade ago during the mad cow disease outbreak. At that time, the Australian government imposed a rule to require the cattle farming to set up the electronic identification system for monitoring and inspecting and the system must be linked between the entire industry’s supply chain.”

The animal ID business’s potential is even greater after the Victoria State of Australia, where is the main farming areas of the country, has carried out a regulation that electronic identification systems must be used in goat and lamb farms. It is expected to see the new rule to take effect in all states soon.

“Raising fund from public and integrate the use the technologies; bringing smart microchip business closer to customers.” 

The second business is electronics equipment for the auto sector. The company makes microchip to identify a car key with the car’s engine starter. Another niche market that the company can use their specialised to take up is the security system for accessing the car starting system by installing a microchip in the alternate key and the door lock. The carmaker requires the microchip in alternate key, and door lock for a particular car must be identical

The last one, the company had started a product development five years ago is the RFID microchips for the electronic door lock. This is becoming a growing niche market.

“In the future, internet of things or connectivity of everything will have more influence on people’s life. Each person will connect with more than one device, i.e. mobile phone, iPad, and pulse watch, so human will no longer be the center of connectivity, but these electronic devices will connect among themselves to make human more convenience without human’s decision.”

The company plans to expand into two niche markets: microchip design for automobile business and microchip design to connect with sensor systems such as biosensor interface using near field communication chip so-called NFC.

Unsurprisingly that a Thai startup Silicon Craft Technology can go this far since it decided to take a path of developing their own deep tech which requires talent and high skill team. They can produce the products that can connect the world with strong safety and high-security system.