Startup Thailand Joins Hands With Partners Creating Young Designers

Lecturers and alumni of design institutes in collaboration with National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) or NIA by Startup Thailand to hold “M>O>V>E Design-based Learning Program 2019” and panel discussion on “Design-Based Learning” on June 5, 2019 at True Digital Park, 101 Third Place, Bangkok.

Through the “M>O>V>E Design-based Learning Program”, participants are able to learn that their creations can be presented not just only as an “image” but also a “map” leading to their goals. The panel discussion on “Design-based Learning” was shared by four experts including Songsak Premsuk, well-known writer and song writer Wiv Buraphadecha, Thanachai Uichin or Pod Moderndog and graphic designer Santi Lorachavee.

At the event, most of participants started with question of why they chose to learn art and the speakers shared their diverse experience, some said it’s because of “destiny”, while some said it’s from “inspiration”. Santi Lorachavee referred that a mention from a teacher in childhood could be influent to the kids’ future.

Some speakers told that in their childhood, they found their personal favorites or talking about their learning in secondary schools to universities. Successful experience thus depends on learning or each person, but most importantly, the success is not only limited in the “classroom”, but also outside the classroom. They have to learn different fields of art from the libraries, the music tape cassette shops, or learn from their self-development through the works assigned by lecturers, reading books, consuming art pieces or learning from their surroundings.

According to the speakers, once the ideas have been developed to a certain level, it’s important to have skills, and idols in art such as Navile Brody, David Hockney, Chatchaval Khonkhajee or P’Tom a recognized graphic designer. Ones have to practice working like their idols, learning their techniques to learn how they think and work and what are the strength and weak points.

However, some speakers said the repetition can lead to skill development. After learning age at schools or universities, ones have to deal with working age where they have to talk to customers. “Working with customers, you have to think, explore and work for your own and your customers. Being a good designer, you must always set a goal and pay attention of design process.”

“Always bear in mind that one should have a good attitude in working with others,” an advice from one of the four speakers.

The orientation on June 5, 2019 was just a tip of this program, there are much more interesting content. For those young generations, students or general public who are interested can follow at the page M>O>V>E where content of speakers is available, so let’s learn together at M>O>V>E Design-based Learning Program 2019.

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