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  • Lesson learned about Deep Tech Startup from Silicon Valley to Thailand

    Deep Tech is becoming a frequently-used term today. The growth and investment spending in Deep Tech startups is also surpassing other industries due to being high technology, its differentiation, and capability in solving the global problems with scientifically-proven methods. It can also benefit business circles and various other industries bringing new phenomena to the global economy.

  • Feedback 180: innovation in Gov Tech

    Artificial Intelligence or AI is now playing more roles in solving problems for every sector at every level, from private sector, to urban living and country level. It is considered a jigsaw that will entirely overhaul the services of government sectors.

  • Microsoft is investing in Grab

    Microsoft will inject an undisclosed amount in ride-hailer Grab as part of a strategic partnership, the firms said in a joint statement today.

  • Deep Tech: Startup for the future

    Digital technology companies around the world are now turning into ‘Deep Technology’ (Deep Tech) or advanced technology but they need long time and in-depth research and development as to gain competitive advantages in a long run.