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  • NIA strengthens MAR Tech Thailand, inviting startups to join SXSW Event

    If we talk about MAR Tech Startup, many people may think of startups who do digital marketing before anything else. In fact, Mar Tech startups stands for Music, Art and Recreation. It is considered a kind of startup that is waiting for serious support. In foreign countries like United States, Japan or South Korea, Mar Tech is considered the group of startup that can spur economic growth for the country as they can integrate art, culture and music into technology and that help them achieve GDP growth successfully.

  • AI to Play More Roles in Music Industry; Startups advised to create a One-Stop Platform for Copyrights Collection

    "Pa Ted" Yuthana Bun-om, a veteran of the music industry with over three decades of experience, recently shared his vision about "The Future of Music’ at the mini stage of the Creative Talk Conference 2019, that the music trends within this year is likely to see the artificial intelligence (AI) coming up to compose the entire melody of a song. Such the capability of AI has been seen for a while but it was only partially.