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  • Four strong points of Microsoft Thailand: Good to Great strategy

    Thanawat Suthampan, the IT guru joined Microsoft Thailand in June 2017 as the Managing Director. He was previously known as an IT expert with experience working with IBM Singapore and Hewlett Packard (Thailand). His recent position is the Managing Director of Microsoft Thailand Co Ltd.

  • Feedback 180: innovation in Gov Tech

    Artificial Intelligence or AI is now playing more roles in solving problems for every sector at every level, from private sector, to urban living and country level. It is considered a jigsaw that will entirely overhaul the services of government sectors.

  • Thanapong Na Ranong offers startup investments strategies.

    Mention the name “Thanapong Na Ranong” in startup circles, and you will find he is well known as a pioneer of venture capital for startups. He has been involved in telecoms for over 20 years before joining InVent, a Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) unit of the InTouch group seven years ago. This created a network […]