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  • The Secret To Recruiting Success

    All companies, and particularly those in IT, face the challenge of finding talent for growth in an ever-tightening labor market. Smaller, newer players like Luminar, a six-year-old manufacturer of LiDAR-based sensors for vehicles, have to woo the best of the best away from brand-name behemoths. “We’re competing for people who could go to the Googles […]

  • The artificial Christmas tree Balsam Brands – the most bizaar thing in Silicon Valley

    If we talk about seasonal products, Christmas tree should be among the top list of most people’ mind. A young man who had once worked as a consultant for McKinsey invented the artificial Christmas tree which can be disassembled and reinstalled.  It is placed on a wheel, ready to be kept in a bag and put in place, waiting for the festival to come back again in the next year.

  • Lesson learned about Deep Tech Startup from Silicon Valley to Thailand

    Deep Tech is becoming a frequently-used term today. The growth and investment spending in Deep Tech startups is also surpassing other industries due to being high technology, its differentiation, and capability in solving the global problems with scientifically-proven methods. It can also benefit business circles and various other industries bringing new phenomena to the global economy.

  • Creative Ventures, the first Thai VC in Silicon Valley

    Poonyatorn Suthipongchai, managing partner of Creative Ventures, said the company will close its second fund of US$50 million raised since end last year from investors in Southeast Asia such as Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Thailand.