Startups | Startup Thailand - Part 5

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  • Travel startups are taking off

    The second wave of Internet-era travel companies has captured the attention of venture capitalists. In the last five years, travel companies have raised more than $1 billion in venture capital funding.

  • Hult Prize at Thammsat Project aims to urge startups to develop social businesses

    Hult Prize, one of the world's largest student-run social business ideas contest, aims to create social business models that can genuinely generate profits and make changes to society. Through the collaboration of Hult International Business School, United Nations, and Education First, the project has been implemented since 2010 and have sparked business ideas to ​​more than a million students worldwide to do startup businesses that help tackle social problems.

  • Thai startups proposed 7 guidelines to the government to make Thailand a ‘Startup Nation”

    More than 600 Thai startups has recently joined together to propose seven guidelines to the government in a bid to push Thailand a ‘Startup Nation’ and enhance competitiveness of Thai startups to compete with other countries. The goal is to make the economic impact by 5% of Thailand’s gross domestic product (GDP), create 50,000 jobs and increase the number of innovative start-ups to more than a thousand.

  • “Hack Award 2019” the international pitch contest for startups

    Osaka City Government and Osaka Business Partner City Council invite entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs (small-and-medium-sized enterprises) from Business Partner Cities (BPC) to participate in “Hack Osaka 2019” which is to be held in Osaka on March 13, 2019. 13:00 – 18:00.  In this event, various opportunities are offered to participating entrepreneurs for future business development and innovation through seminars, business plan pitch contest, showcase exhibition, and workshops. 

  • Seed Journey won Youth Co: Lab Thailand 2018

    After two months of the Youth Co: Lab Thailand 2018 project, there are 20 teams that could make the entry into the next round. Recently, the social innovation project Youth Co:Lab Thailand 2018 co-hosted by the National Innovation Agency (NIA) and UNDP Thailand, have announced the three finalists who could into final round.

  • Norway’s Innovation

    Norway is one of the countries with advanced innovation in the global level. In 2017, its innovation index was at 19th rank, out of 127 countries in total. It was derived from the quality of education and the investment in innovation of both public and private sectors, so it is like a rising star that attract prominent startups from Europe.     

  • Microsoft and SiriVentures kick off “Smart Living with micro:bit” Thailand’s first youth competition to develop a new generation of IoT pioneers

    Microsoft Thailand in partnership with SiriVentures, has recently opened submissions for “Smart Living with micro:bit” - Thailand’s first competition where general and vocational students (Pratomsuksa 4 to Mathayomsuksa 6) are encouraged to come up with creative ideas that facilitate and enhance daily life, and develop these ideas into tangible projects using  BBC’s micro:bit code.

  • NIA and 2 associations work with JETRO for Thai and Japanese startups expansion

    Hiroki Mitsumata, president of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) notes that JETRO has signed a memorandum of understanding with three organisations —National Innovation Agency (NIA), the Thai e-Commerce Association (THECA) and the Thailand IoT Association — to exchange information to promote Japanese startups in Thailand.