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  • Healthcare Technology In Low-Income Countries

    Healthcare in developing countries is far from being universally accessible. Healthcare spending by governments in low-income countries was just $23 per person in 2016, even after adjusting for the relative cost of living, compared with more than $4,000 in OECD member states. 

  • A new chapter of the industry

    The world is shifting toward a truly digital economy by which telecoms industry is right at tis epicenter. Digiitisation in telecommunications represents at US$2 trillion opportunity. The rise of smart cities and continued urbanisation will create more need than ever before for telecoms infrastructure and operators.

  • Facebook and Microsoft patent filings offer dueling visions of small AR headsets

    Augmented reality headsets are too large for mainstream users, commonly sporting design elements that look inspired by Star Trek and Star Wars props. That’s about to change: After more natural-looking AR headsets were shown at the 2019 CES, patent documents submitted by Facebook and Microsoft show that both companies are trying to make AR glasses smaller and better.

  • Why NVIDIA Is Doubling Down on Home Robotics

    When most people think of NVIDIA, their minds tend to focus on the company's cutting-edge graphics-chip processors (GPUs). But thanks to the ever-increasing computing power and efficiency of those GPUs, as well as NVIDIA's affinity for cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, the tech giant's reach naturally extends to the plethora of applications its flagship products enable.

  • Facial recognition gains traction

    Las Vegas: Imagine walking into a store where a robot greets you by name, lets you know that your online order is ready, and then suggests other products you might want pick up.

  • Nectec to launch blockchain for elections

    National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (Nectec) will introduce prototype blockchain for elections with a hybrid model paving the way for digital literacy and data integrity.