Technology | Startup Thailand - Part 9

Tag: Technology

  • True Incube launches “Startup Grand Pix”

    True Incube introduces “True Incube Incubation & ScaleUp Program Batch 5 – “Startup Grand Prix” providing a potential total investment of up to 4.5 million baht and 1 million in media grants.

  • Grab positions to be a daily app for consumers

    Though we are living in the world where you can commute to work, order three meals from food delivery, deliver shopping and pay for daily essentials by poking app icons on your smartphone, you think it’s super convenient.Is it even better if you can do all in just one app?

  • The Rise of Digital Money

    Cryptocurrencies first arrived in Thailand about 3 or 4 years ago. To begin with, nobody gave them much attention, but after a year has gone by, people are joining the trend in large numbers especially the most famous of them Bitcoin.

  • Regtech to Get Push of Data Privacy Compliance

    New compliance regulations concerning digital disruption and data privacy protection are driving opportunities for a new type of startup -- regulatory technology (regtech) -- in Thailand.

  • Flying Taxi: A Dream or a Real Deal

    Until today no one doubts how Uber had turned from a startup to become one among the world’s first Unicorn. It is because they are dreamers who are determined to make it happen.

  • Blockchain reshapes the financial world

    Everybody is talking about blockchain, but they might wonder what blockchain is. Put simply, blockchain is a new technology which has been invented to solve the problem of incomplete connections which cannot be done with current Internet technology. Originally devised for digital money, blockchain tears down the walls of cash transfer, enabling sender and receiver […]