TCEB Reveals Six Strategies To Strengthen MICE Businesses Into A Data-Driven Company

The MICE Intelligence & Innovation Conference 2019 organized by Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau or TCEB has been graciously completed with the launch of 6 strategies and 16 projects including MICE business database on the website that would better meet the needs of entrepreneurs, businessmen, students and the public sector. With such the moves, TCEB aims to become a sustainable data-driven organization.

Mrs. Supawan Tirarat, TCEB’s Deputy Director of Development and Innovation Division, said that nowadays governments all over the world pay more attention to creating economy with MICE businesses and would use information and analysis with intelligent technology. According to TCEB’s study about the needs of MICE travelers and private entrepreneurs, it has resulted in the development of 6 strategic plans that TCEB believes they can be used to drive MICE businesses effectively as well as drive the economic growth throughout the next three years from now.

” Many governments around the world have now realized that financial support alone cannot meet the needs of the business sector. Therefore, TCEB wants to change the strategy by applying the data that have been analyzed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help MICE travelers plan their businesses more effectively.”

The roadmap for MICE business development based on innovation and information between 2019-2021 consists of 6 strategies and 16 projects. There are:

Strategy 1: Supporting event organizers and MICE entrepreneurs with 4 supporting projects including 1. MICE Lane at the airport project to accommodate VIP guests 2. Online channel project to ask for support from TCEB 3. AI system project to help staff answer questions about TCEB 4. Information service project to provide advice on obtaining licenses to import products for exhibition for visa request.

Strategy 2: Developing potential of MICE entrepreneurs. There are 3 projects include 1. Online channel where  entrepreneurs can request for MICE standard certificates 2. MICE job centers and career advice 3. Online learning resources and knowledge center to develop MICE entrepreneurs.

Strategy 3: Enhancing the exhibitors’ experience such as mobile application with fully-integrated services for participants.

Strategy 4: Enhancing the efficiency of organizing exhibition. There are 2 projects which include mobile application project to facilitate organizers; and the visitor evaluation system using images from video camera.

Strategy 5: Being a center for trading MICE goods and services. There are 5 projects consisting of 1. Name lists and event information project that organizers can participate in bidding process; 2. project to raise funds to support the event 3. MICE entrepreneurs center project 4.Project to create a channel to promote event where interested parties can register or reserve the exhibition space. 5. Project for trading goods and services center to create business opportunities before and after the event.

Strategy 6: Being a source of MICE industry information such as MICE database project to create innovation and disseminate the information on the website. During the MICE Intelligence & Innovation Conference 2019, the first MICE database was also launched. This database is supported by many world-class partners like the World Bank, the Asia-Pacific Tourism Promotion Association , Frost & Sullivan research consulting firm, and Meltwater Singapore– the intelligent information management company.

“MICE industry in Thailand has had an average growth of 5-10% per year. With the innovation tools and technology, it would increase the opportunity to grow by 20% annually. Also, TCEB’s 6 strategies will help  reduce disparity and enable all MICE entrepreneurs to have equal access to information. MICE business circle will become wider and stronger. These factors can ultimately create sustainable growth for the MICE businesses,” Mrs. Supawan concluded.

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