Team 4All Of Hult Prize At Thammasat Presents Their Social Business Model At Regional Round

Hult Prize Regional Round, the Asia region social business ideas contest has been continuously running. The international competition opens opportunities for students to create social business models that can genuinely generate profits and make changes to society. Based on the theme for the contest “Developing an Idea to Provide Meaningful Jobs to 10 Million Young People within the Next Decade” as to inspire startups to create solutions that solve youth and unemployment problems. The winning team and first runner-up are from Chulalongkorn University (Hult Prize at Chula) and Thammasat University (Hult Prize at Thammasat) were selected to represent Thailand at the contest this year.

Recently, the National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) or NIA together with Team 4All the winner from Hult Prize at Thammasat joined the competition of innovative social business during March 28-31, 2019 at Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Having developed by Team 4All, the platform helps juvenile offenders to get employment opportunities, creating skill set for the 21st century in addition to their occupational skills. The platform also serves as a bridge for the youths and SME employers, offering them an opportunity of innovators and business owners. 4All and another 61 startup teams from many countries presented the social business ideas. Team AgriLab from Ghana was announced the winner at the Regional Final. The agricultural technology platform has been created along with skill development of the youths paving the way for employment.

A talent of Thai youth is another highlight at this global event. Ms. Jirasuda Boonjua, a fourth-year student at the School of Global Studies, Thammasat University on behalf of campus director was selected a top 20 campus director of Hult Prize 2019 owing to her dedication and contribution for Hult Prize at Thammasat project. She is also given an opportunity to share her perspective and experience at the event.