“Thaichana” Has Hothing To Do With Online Gambling

NBTC in talking with five operators and Apple Singapore to solving online gambling spam, saying  “Thaichana” mobile app has nothing to do with the spam.

Following to the tele-conference with AIS, TRUE, DTAC, CAT and TOT, as well as Apple Singapore representatives for a solution of online gambling spam that bothered users, Sutisak Tantayotin, Deputy Secretary-General National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) said it found that the iMessage spam was not a short message sent by the five operators, it could not verify the source and the end point, neither able to view the delivered content.

The two-day meeting has a conclusion that the online gambling spam has nothing associated with the government’s Thaichana app.

According to the representative of Apple, the best way to cope with the problem is that Apple users must set a filter of iMessage by going to the menu “Filer Unknown Senders” and report to Apple if they receive a spam message, so that Apple will block that message.

iPhone users should also block iMessage sender and don’t click any link nor open file on the message. Apple also stated that the company has the standard policy dealing with spam globally.

NBTC requested Apple to taking this case seriously, due to a great deal of Apple users in Thailand, by providing information through media and Apple channels how to prevent iMessage spam, promptly blocking spam and have a more efficient spam controlling system.

Collaboration of all the five operators were also asked to preventing any spam on iMessage. NBTC also asked Apple to examine any incident in Thailand and report to the meeting next time.