“The Internship 2019” an opportunity for students to train with Thailand’s leading startups

National Innovation Agency (NIA) and Startup Thailand support “The Internship”, the first training program focus on creating student entrepreneurs. Those who participate with the program will experience with working with leading startups of the country and be able to learn about the heart of entrepreneurship through the jobs based on their capabilities including developer, designer or business.

The Internship is outstanding among other programs is that the participants have an opportunity to work in the real world, designing and programming which is not available in the classroom. It’s a good chance to practice for patience and confidence, expose to the real world of working, find out solutions during their working the same as the startups today are encountering, and they will also have mentors from leading startups of the country.

Additionally, the program participants will have an opportunity to experience with working in a team work, socialize with friends from different institutes and they can become colleagues or business partner in the future. They also will use English for daily life in communication with customers, the team and foreign partners. Here is a special chance to show their works and be able to be a fulltime staff.

Online application is valid from January 14-30, 2019 and the training program starts on May 14, 2019

More detail, please contact https://theinternship.io/