The Ministryr of Science and Technology to Showcase 13 Scientific Innovations at Siam Square, hoping to Prepare Youths Towards 21st Century

Dr. Apichai Somboonpakorn, Advisor to the Minister of Science and Technology, said the Ministry of Science and Technology has set policies and directions to drive the country towards Thailand 4.0 in four areas including, science for human resources development, science to alleviate poverty, science to enhance intelligence, and bringing science to the region. It aims to use science, technology and Innovation as important mechanism for stimulating and strengthening the economy both in the short and long term, as well as preparing Thai people towards the 21st century.

The key operational guidelines are: solving problems that respond to the needs of people, reducing gaps, and enhancing creativity in science, technology, and innovation among young generation people.

It has also carried out projects to enhance the country’s competitiveness and make it progress at the same level of development like other countries. The commercialization of research and development, the innovation, the promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and startups, the collaboration among the universities, government and private sectors, as well as the use of government mechanisms have been emphasized and integrated to drive the country’s development.

To widen public awareness, especially among young generation people, and expose them to the concrete scientific development, as well as create a proactive opportunity for Thailand with research and innovation, the Ministry has joined force with partners to organize ‘THAILAND 4.0 IN THE MAKING’ with the aim to drive the country towards THAILAND 4.0 by using science, technology and innovation to reform the Thai economy.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Soranit Silatham, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Science and Technology, added that the technology exhibition will present the advancement of scientific knowledge and technology of Thailand and other countries, along with the achievements of the Ministry throughout the year 2016 – 2018. The exhibition will be held during 21-25 November 2018 ​​Park @ Siam and ​​during 23-25 ​​November 2018 at Siam Square.

The ministry’s achievements over the past five years since it has brought science, technology and innovation to drive the country’s economy will be showcased at the exhibition. The areas will be divided according to the development strategy which will feature four zones and 13 projects from 12 agencies under its supervision.

Zone 1 reflects the policy that it has brought science to enhance skills of human resources comprising 1) Startup Nation: create new type of economic warriors to drive the country’s economy; 2) Makers Nation: encourage youth to be interested in the development of scientific and technological inventions; 3) Careers for the future: inspire learning of science and technology for youths’ career in the future.

Zone 2 showcases how science has helped to reduce gap in society. 4) Science for Society: show science and technology activities by integrating with the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; 5) Science for Community: bring science to reduce disparity, create jobs, increase income, and reduce expenses for communities around the country.

Zone 3: Science enhance intelligence: show that Thailand has to develop its own technology such as using synchrotron, nuclear, Big Data, and build its own satellite in line with the slogan of the minister which says ‘innovation will enhance Thailand’s competitiveness”; 6) Big Data & Intelligence System to create water, climate, and geospatial information of the country.7) Big Science Infrastructure: build infrastructure for future research and development; 8) 10 S-Curve Technology: develop fundamental technology and testing systems that help drive the 10 target industries; 9) drives the biotech industry by focusing on strengthening economy based on research and development and improve it to high-value biological products; 10) Smart Farmer: use the Internet of Things (IoT) to develop farmers and enhance their self-reliance and improve their quality of life.

Zone 4 features the regional network. 11) Regional Science Park Innovation Hub: build regional infrastructure to develop knowledge in science, technology and innovation; 12) Food Innopolis: creates a network for linking SMEs and startups; and 13) Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation (EECi): create innovative ecosystems in the Eastern Economic Corridor.

There is also the Prime Minister’s Science Award 2018 for entrepreneurs with outstanding technology development.

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