Traveloka Thailand unveils new feature to celebrate the year-end holiday in one single platform

Traveloka, an online travel agency (OTA), and one of the fastest growing technology companies in Southeast Asia, recently unveiled their “Attractions & Activities” or “A&A” product, allowing users in Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, to book tickets to tourist attractions and activities for the first time in one single platform. Available on both Traveloka’s website and app, this new product is designed to check all of the right boxes for travelers’ preferences.

Traveloka is Thailand’s first online platform that integrates all travel-related booking services including flights, hotel accommodations, airport transport (including pick-up and drop-off services), train tickets to cities, and admission to tourist attractions and activities. Thailand has become one of most popular destinations in Southeast Asia visited by the travelers, as well as Traveloka’s second largest market.

Tee Chayakul, Country Manager of Traveloka Thailand, said Traveloka has developed an innovative new feature called ‘Attractions & Activities’, or ‘A&A,’ to serve increasing demand to interesting tourist attractions and fun-filled activities on our website and app. Users can now book admission to both domestic and international tourist attractions via Traveloka at cheaper prices.

When planning activities or trips for year-end holidays or new year celebrations, there is often a sense of confusion and anxiety in determining a suitable destination to celebrate the new year due to running out of tickets or have no idea on other recommendations. With the presence of this new product, Attractions and Activities that have been present for users in Thailand are expected to make it easier for users to celebrate the new year 2019.

“Traveloka Thailand has partnered with more than 300 inventories, and this number reaches over 1,000 including the international inventories. We’re pleased that our A&A focuses on interesting tourist attractions, fun activities and convenient services that respond to all types of journeys including admission to amusement parks, train tickets to cities, transit and museum passes. this new feature which is now available on Traveloka’s website and app, compatible on both iOS and Android.