ZmyHome Raised A New Round Funding Making A Total Of US$1 Million

Amidst of the Covid-19 pandemic, ZmyHome Web Condo own owner raised another fund round with Bon Angel and KK Fund making the startup reach total value at US$1 million and launching “Yoo Yen” property agent first location at new Rama IX central business district.

Natthapon Asswisessiwakul, founder of ZmyHome said after receiving the first fund from KK Fund and proved that the platform makes both buyers and sellers see the true picture of the market. ZmyHome has updated information consistently enabled buyers to search a property instantly, faster than searching on general websites. At present, there are more than 100,000 posted items on ZmyHome website, with more than 1 million visits per month.

The new fund will allow the company to constantly develop proactive marketing system, fastening successful cases, enabling sellers to see users who are wanting to buy or rent condo in their areas and send them message directly. Sellers can view what the buyers are interested and assess their selling opportunity prior to send messaging to buyers. Buyers can receive message via website, Line, SMS and Email.

After users receive the message, they can call and negotiate with the sellers. If the system is completely developed, it will be a tool for sellers and buyers in the same way as stock investors have a tool for decision making.

The fund received this round will be used for property agent development, called “Yoo Yen” which is originally from “Yoo Yen Pen Sook” (Live Happily) to ensure that the buyers will receive the good and most valuable residence in the area of Rama IX intersection.

By this year, “Yoo Yen” will focus only the area around MRT Rama IX which is the new CBD so that it can provide the comprehensive service offering both good and bad points of property projects, selling and rental prices, characters of buyers and sellers of each projects.

Yoo Yen” will be the marketing center representing all owners and agents, saving the marketing because each need not to invest in marketing and compete with others. They just pay “Yoo Yen” for service fee when the deal is sealed. The deals can be posted on

In the past April with Covid-19 pandemic, “Yoo Yen” launched a trial service and there are some 100 customers using the service. 95% of customers are Thais by which foreigners already in the area would like to move for saving cost, but prefer to stay in the area due to convenient traveling.

Simon Kung, co-founder at Bon Angel Venture Partner of South Korea pointed out hat the successful property platform must be able to manage all the posts correctly with consistent updating and the team of ZmyHome has already proved that they can do. The company is confident that the platform is will a new ecosystem for property trading development of Thailand.

Koishi Saito, co-founder at KK Fund noted that the company re-invested in ZmhyHome after the first round that it invested two years ago because of the growth of users and constant income. The platform has attracted more than 1 million visits per month with five times growth of income.